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Justin Sliva

Since 2016, Justin Sliva has been involved as a real estate investor in transactions across 42 states, specializing in
raw land. He has flipped properties from a $50.00 purchase price to projects that ran in the multiple seven figures. Resulting in over 11,600 acres flipped. Tapping into his previous experience as an executive in the rail industry he has brought the same mentality of reducing variability and risk and streamlining processes to increase profitability. Founding companies in the land niche such as Land Mule, Plum Investment Group and Casual Fridays Media, he has helped in providing quality rural land for customers and has helped / taught 475+ clients through paid training and joint ventures. The mentoring aspect has helped establish his name as an expert in the raw land investing niche, where he has been an expert guest on 35+ podcasts and spoken at multiple events for real estate investors. You can find his book Coffee Money Real Estate Investing on Amazon, which took a no fluff approach to buying and selling tax defaulted properties or listen to his weekly podcast Casual Fridays REI with 440+ episodes and distributed in 120 countries.

Trevor Probandt

Born and raised on a 4,800-acre cattle ranch in San Angelo, Texas and a sixth generation west Texas rancher,
Trevor was afforded an opportunity to see how land improves the quality of life of its stewards and owners. This
experience brought Trevor into the family business of buying and selling ranch real estate, a practice his grandfather,
father and uncle have been doing since 1992. "We buy it by the ranch and sell it by the pasture"; has been a family
motto for decades now and they believe that providing quality land assets at an affordable price, while keeping the
integrity of the land is vital to rural communities across the country.
Trevor has a popular land investing podcast, Land Investing, The Dirt Road to Wealth, and has teamed up with Justin
at Casual Fridays REI to coach listeners about their niche and specific model and how it pertains to any market
across the country.
Since 2016 I have been a part of buying, selling and developing 6,000 plus acres and my family has developed over
45,000 acres since the early 1990s. However, I am most excited about bringing this land investing opportunity to
investors from across the country, to the best asset class in the market, dirt.

Josh Beesinger

Josh is a seasoned real estate investor with an MBA in statistical analysis. He has been investing in real estate since
2010 and has a proven track record of success and profitability.
Josh’s specialty is rural land investing, where he applies his experience, analytical skills and market knowledge to
find undervalued properties and turn them into cash cows. He has taken 13 land subdividing projects full cycle in
multiple states. These projects have resulted in impressive returns for him and his partners. He also invests in single
family residences and apartment complexes.

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