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Free Live Webinar

Why Invest in Land & Why Today?

Discover Why Investors Are Choosing Land As An Alternative Investment

March 27, 2024


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What Will You Learn From The Webinar?

The Key Advantages Of Investing In Land As An Alternative Investment Option

Current Market Trends And Factors Driving Interest In Land Investments

Strategies For Evaluating And Selecting Profitable Land Investment Opportunities

How To Mitigate Risks Associated With Land Investments

The Potential Returns And Long-Term Benefits Of Including Land In Your Investment Portfolio

Practical Tips For Navigating Legal And Regulatory Considerations When Investing In land

*act fast, it’s free for only the first 100 individuals*

Why Is This Webinar A Must-Attend?

Gain valuable insights into the current market trends and opportunities surrounding land investments.

Learn proven strategies for maximizing returns and minimizing risks associated with land investment.

Interact with seasoned investment professionals and get your questions answered in real

Acquire actionable knowledge and practical techniques that you can immediately apply to your investment endeavors.

Discover the unique advantages of adding land investments to your portfolio and how they can enhance your overall financial strategy.

Network and connect with like-minded investors interested in exploring the potential of land investments and investing opportunities.

*act fast, it’s free for only the first 100 individuals*

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Webinar Hosts

Justin Sliva

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Since 2016, I have been a real estate investor in transactions across 42 states, specializing in raw land. I have flipped properties from a $50.00 purchase price to projects that ran in the multiple seven figures.


Beth Pianori

Partner & General Manager

I have an MBA in Corporate Finance and have been actively investing in real estate personally and through joint ventures since 2008. I have over 20 years of experience in account management and project management, leading largescale multidisciplinary teams, mainly within the fluid power and oil and gas industries. I am a seasoned leader who guides our cross-functional team as well as various client and partner relationships.

Trevor Probandt

Founder and  President & Chief Marketing Officer

Since 2016, I have been a part of buying, selling, and developing 6,000 plus acres, and my family has developed over 45,000 acres since the early 1990s. However, I am most excited about bringing this webinar to investors from across the country to the best asset class in the market.

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