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Experience You Can Count On
Pasture Holdings' Founders began investing in land with the goal to protect and grow their own wealth. Pasture Holdings was created in order to share this opportunity of land investing with the everyday accredited investor. 

From the very beginning, our guiding principle is to only bring properties to the fund that we would personally wish to invest in ourselves. Due diligence and our proprietary underwriting process has always been key to our success. 

Our team is committed to providing a superior investing experience for accredited investors wishing to add land investment to their existing real estate investment portfolio. As active land investors with a collective 45 years+ real estate experience, we know land. 
Acquisition Strategy

Pasture Holdings' acquisition strategy is to acquire vacant land in strategic markets throughout the United States that represents a value-add component. We focus on long term demographics and niche markets where we can force appreciation via light development and subdivision. 

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Acquisition Criteria

Property Type


Rural, vacant land



Market location inside of a few hours of a major metropolitan area

Value Add Potential


Potential for forced appreciation through combination of market factors, including, subdivision, development of utilities & capital improvement

Target Returns

Target of 15-30% cash on cash returns

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"Buy by the Ranch & Sell by the Pasture"


Value Add Opportunity

Identification of value-add potential is key to our proprietary underwriting process, creating opportunity to force appreciation of rural vacant land property.
"Buying by the Ranch" achieves a more favorable value per acre. Our team of experts understands land and we understand the markets we serve. A well-planned and well-coordinated subdivision of land can greatly increase appreciation of a land asset.
Utility development, including bringing in electricity to a subdivision, water line extension or drilling wells, adds value to the end user. 
Additional capital expenditures meet the demand for turnkey projects, providing "ready to build" tracts that are affordable and attractive to the end buyer. 

Why Land Development?

Demand for vacant land near large metropolitan areas has been steadily increasing over the past 2 decades and it unexpectedly skyrocketed during the pandemic. Astronomical land values have made larger land tracts unobtainable for most families, making their dream of land ownership unlikely. Pasture Holdings solves this problem by providing economical land tracts in desirable locations, which we call, "Buying by the Ranch and Selling by the Pasture."

Well-coordinated subdivision and "ready to build" development solves this problem, making the everyday American's dream of land ownership come true.

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Our Focus

The team at Pasture Holdings knows land. We know the markets we serve. Our team leverages the resources and contacts developed over many years of working within this industry. Take our hand and add a piece of America to your real estate investing portfolio. 

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